Physiotherapy Technician

The trainee learns to operate suitable tools and equipment and evaluate the basic outline of Physiotherapy, develops a vocabulary of appropriate terminology;trainee will be able to analyze and assemble the components of skeleton system, study of joints by using X-Ray films and also be able to differentiate various muscles. Trainee will be able to recognize basic cell structure and its organelles and also able to identify the major neural tissues. Trainee will be able to relate the anatomical position of circulatory system on mannequin. Trainee will able to categorize foods according to nutrients and assemble organs of digestive system, illustrate respiratory system and also able to arrange organs on dummy of excretory and reproductive system. They will perform Physiotherapy treatment, design treatment plan for stiff parts of body and also illustrate the effects of IRR. They will plan and execute remedial effects of cryotherapy, abstract benefits of SWD, lay out therapeutic uses of UTS and also plan a regimen to stimulate muscle. Trainee will be able to assess and create a message therapy. The trainee will be able to carry out Physiotherapy assessment and treatment, develop exercise regimen, establish a treatment plan and also able to examine the strength of muscles. Trainee will be able to design remedy for back pain and also able to perform gait training. They will prepare assessment chart and rehabilitation protocol.